Create New Revenue Streams and Launch New Services with the Parallels Service Provider Program

Join the Parallels Service Provider Program (PSP) and capitalize on the once-in-a-generation IT shift from on-premise to the cloud and service providers.

With our virtual application and desktop delivery solution, Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS), service providers are able to cost effectively offer high-margin SaaS, DaaS, and VDI services and take advantage of BYOD/CYOD initiatives for Windows applications.

The program provides you the flexibility to offer your services as an on-premise, cloud, or hosted environment and gives you all of the tools to be successful.

Managed Application Delivery Service

Businesses of all sizes are making a significant shift from on-premise to managed application delivery services and the cloud: Driven by the need for flexibility and cost considerations, business leaders recognize the advantage of moving away from infrastructure software and projects in favor of outsourcing them. Additionally, by leveraging the managed services model, their resources will be able to focus on more business-critical initiatives.

Parallels RAS empowers service providers to offer native-like and full-featured desktops and applications to any device, OS, or platform that customers may use.

As part of the Parallels Service Provider Program (PSP), you will be able to help your clients by leveraging cloud or SaaS to seamlessly deliver applications and desktops, and extend the lifespan of legacy software. This allows clients to achieve their goals of reducing IT overhead and freeing up IT resources, increasing the value of software investments.

Advantages of Partnering with Parallels

  • Scalable solution allows your business to expand and grow as needed
  • Simple deployment and management
  • Increase margins by reducing overall cost
  • Provide customizable solutions on premise, in the cloud, or in hosted or hybrid environments
  • Usage-based SPLA license structure and simple customized usage and billing reports
  • Pay-as-you-go licensing model and no up-front license fees
  • Free online training and certification courses
  • White-label options to offer your own branded solution
  • Access to beta testing and feedback from engineering

Parallels RAS is aggressively priced and easy to use, making your services more affordable and competitive, thereby increasing your service margins. Contact us at for more information.

We understand your business

We know you have many customers with different needs and requirements, and you have to respond to them quickly and efficiently to be successful. Parallels RAS auto-configuration wizards reduce the rollout time, making your services available to clients in a few hours instead of days or weeks.

We help solve your most common challenges

Scheduling and coordinating IT maintenance and downtime windows is a difficult task for any organization. For a service provider like you, it can be truly burdensome as you serve employees for hundreds of different organizations. Parallels RAS with preconfigured templates allows you to plan and schedule the maintenance of your farms and sites, reducing or completely eliminating the need for service interruption.

We share your goals

We have a clear understanding of your business model and the challenges you face as a service provider—from technical support to the intricacies of servicing clients, each with potentially unique configurations. Maximizing the profit margin while incurring the cost of support, cost of administration, cost of service (servers, bandwidth, networking, etc.), and other variable costs is a challenge. Parallels RAS is the most cost-effective application delivery and VDI solution on the market. By saving up to 90% on overall cost when compared to other vendors, it contributes substantially to your financial success.

We enable you to promote your brand

Parallels RAS supports white labeling, allowing you to rebrand our HTML5 Client to provide a personalized experience.

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