The Parallels RAS team presented at Cybersec Europe in Brussels, Belgium!

We had a fantastic time at the Cybersec Europe event in Brussels, Belgium on April 19-20. We were thrilled to meet everyone who attended and to discover more about the latest innovations in cybersecurity.


At the event, we explored our solutions which tackle data security issues and more:

We also showcased how to implement flexible virtual apps and desktop solutions that support on-premises, public/private cloud, hybrid, or multi-cloud infrastructure.


There was much to explore at Cybersec Europe. At the event, we covered how IT admins can provide seamless and secure access using our solutions via:

What’s next?

We invite you to download free trials of Parallels RAS and Parallels Awingu today to see how our solutions can help you achieve maximum efficiency and system protection—without ballooning your budget.

In addition, check out Boeckmans’s story to see why they chose Parallels Awingu as their simple and secure remote workspace. (Potential spoiler alert: They found Awingu to be much more than just a great security solution)!