SQL Server monitoring tools

SQL Server monitoring is a continuous process that assesses the performance of Microsoft SQL Server. It’s the first step towards optimizing the performance of workloads that depend on the SQL Server database. A comprehensive SQL Server monitoring tool can offer a bird’s-eye view of the entire enterprise’s data through deep analytics that database administrators (DBAs) can leverage to detect and fix issues before they impact users.

This post explores the criteria that make an excellent SQL Server monitoring tool, benefits that SQL Server monitoring tools provide, and issues arising from slow servers. It also examines why SQL Server monitoring tools must be implemented with the robust security that Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS) provides.

Criteria for the best SQL Server monitoring tools

SQL Server monitoring is essential to modern-day workloads because many applications rely heavily on a SQL Server as an enterprise database solution. In the recent past, several SQL Server monitoring solutions have emerged that DBAs can leverage to optimize database performance. However, not all of them may serve your enterprise requirements.

Let’s explore some of the features you need to look for in an effective SQL Server monitoring solution. They are:

Benefits offered by SQL Server performance monitoring tools

Unlike do-it-yourself (DIY) solutions that often rely on guesswork, a SQL Server monitoring tool allows you to leverage the expertise and experience of a solution vendor to deliver essential system metrics. Below are some benefits that you can derive from leveraging a SQL Server performance monitoring tool:

Issues with slow SQL Servers

There are some instances when performance issues can sneak into SQL Server, especially after updating some applications or upgrading the SQL Server to a newer version. In some cases, you can find that SQL queries have suddenly begun to perform poorly for no apparent reason. Either way, problems that can arise when dealing with such slow SQL servers include the following:

SQL Server monitoring tools complemented with strong security

SQL Server is undoubtedly one of the most critical assets that an organization can have since it provides storage for valuable data and serves as a back-end tool for many enterprise workloads. That’s why monitoring it for optimal performance is crucial to achieving the business’s bottom line.

However, it isn’t enough to simply monitor its performance. You’ll also need to complement the monitoring tool with robust cloud security services. Such a tool needs to provide detailed visibility into changes that occur to SQL Server objects and account permissions. Without such a framework, a single improper modification to a SQL Server object or permission can expose sensitive data, potentially leading to hacks and data breaches.

In addition, the security solution should be able to track which users have authenticated to each of the SQL Server instances. For example, it should trace which users have logged into the database system and which resources they accessed. This way, the platform holds users accountable for their actions while identifying those that attempt to access the database inappropriately.

Parallels RAS enhances security for your SQL Server monitoring tools

Unmonitored SQL servers can become tricky to maintain and are more prone to failure. Monitoring your SQL Server through a SQL Server monitoring solution can help you determine potential performance issues and resolve them before they become serious problems. It can also help enhance productivity, minimize downtime, and potentially save you money on database infrastructure costs.

However, to derive even more value from a SQL Server monitoring tool, you’ll need to augment it with a robust security solution.Parallels® RAS is an out-of-the-box virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution that users can leverage to get access to their applications from any major cloud service provider (CSP), including Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Azure. The Parallels RAS Reporting Service seamlessly integrates with SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), allowing organizations to leverage SQL Server to unearth insights into the workload performance.

DBAs that value data analytics can leverage Parallels RAS to collect essential information, including user preferences, resources used to connect to the database, and active and idle times. The platform offers an intuitive reporting engine that DBAs can use to enhance system performance and efficiency.

Try Parallels RAS today and find out firsthand how it enhances the security of your SQL Server monitoring tools!

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