A Client Policy controls which configuration tabs are available to configure on the user’s Parallels RDP Client interface. With the policy, the Parallels administrator can also set to force settings within these tabs.

This allows Parallels administrators to easily manage and restrict the options available to users on the Parallels RDP Client connection to a Parallels Farm. Criteria can also be configured to distribute different policies depending on where the user is connecting from or even the machines (MAC Address).

This is particularly useful if an Administrator wants to lock down what clients can access and configure, depending on where or what device they are connecting from.

Client Policies are currently only available on the Windows Based clients listed below:

1. Parallels Windows Client
2. Parallels Windows Basic Client
3.Parallels Windows CE Client

Configure client policies from the Parallels Console under the Policies page according to the next steps:

1. From the tasks drop down menu, select Add
2.Configure which users the Policy applicable forHow to Create Client Policies
3.  Select the Connection Properties or Options tabs to configure the policy and enable/ disable options for the user.

In addition, also configure specific tab configuration so that it is enforced at a client level. This will allow the administrator to enforce specific settings.

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