Mobile email management is a core tool for mobile enterprises. Ask anyone doing business in the 21st century how they get anything done, and chances are they’ll tell you email, email and more email.

According to technology market research firm The Radicati Group’s Email Statistics Report 2011-2015, there are more than 1.2 billion wireless email users, and that the average corporate employee will send and receive around 125 emails per day. Even with the increased use of instant messaging, text messages and social media, email is still the backbone of most business communication, whether you’re using a tablet, iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone or tablet.

The expansion of mobile emailing brings a number of security concerns to the fore. In her recent article for TMCnet, “Mobile Email Management Offers Security, Reliability” TMCnet contributor Michelle Amodio writes:

From a mobile security management, handheld devices, while an indispensable tool for sharing information, can also be a tool for obtaining sensitive information. Contacts and emails can easily be compromised without taking the proper measures to ensure that that information is safely in the right hands and out of the wrong ones.

How can mobile enterprises safeguard corporate data and account information that’s sent to or from employees’ mobile devices?  Mobile device management enables mobile email management and a number of other ways to make sure your organization’s data is secure when your staff is away from the office.

If you’re looking for the perfect mobile device management solution to keep your information safe and secure, take a look at 2X MDM. 2X MDM makes it so you can ensure all of your devices adhere to your company’s security policies. You can enforce a strong password from the online dashboard on all of your devices, including iOS and Android devices.

2X MDM also enables you to remote lock devices and, if necessary, remote wipe their data. You can change the password on any device and lock it from an online dashboard, so you can protect all of your data until the device is retrieved; if the device isn’t connected to the Internet, you can lock it as 2X MDM will send an SMS to the device. If you can’t recover a device, use 2X MDM to restore the device to its factory settings, which wipes the device entirely of data stored on the device itself and on any SD or SIM cards.

How else can we make you feel secure? How about if we give you up to 250 devices free for the first month? Take a break from your inbox and sign up for a 2X MDM account today?

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