what is geofencingWhat is Geofencing: Geofencing is a term used mostly in business, referring to the practice of limiting mobile employees to work within a specific geographic area by tracking them via GPS (global positioning system). In terms of software, it allows administrators to create a virtual barrier around a location on a map, set up to detect when a GPS or network triangulated device, individual or asset enters or exits that perimeter. Up until recently, tracking has been out of reach for consumers and many businesses due to the high price tag.

What is Geofencing

As GPS is readily available on most smartphones and tablets nowadays, tracking has become accessible for businesses and consumers alike. Mobile devices can be tracked via GPS or Wifi, whether stationary or moving. This has opened up a world of possibilities for businesses. For example, taxi companies have adopted geofencing with mobile devices as well as geofence capable software by setting up a geofence around the location of a passenger’s pickup, which when breached by the driver, automatically alerts the passenger via SMS.

Challenges Facing Geofencing

Although technology is now openly available, implementing Geofencing is a challenge for businesses, especially small ones, which find it difficult to meet growing demands with limited resources. Geofencing solutions are expensive, and it is not easy to deploy, maintain and manage tracking devices. Instead of cutting down business processes, ways can be found to optimize resources; one way of doing this is to implement a mobile device management system.

Geo Fencing with Parallels Mobile Device Management

Parallels Mobile Device Management is a powerful software platform that allows administrators to manage and track iOS and Android devices. Parallels MDM dashboard allows the administrator to view the current and previous whereabouts of devices on a dashboard. The solution is easy and inexpensive to set up as well as maintain. Additionally, it comes with built in Geofencing capabilities at no extra cost. Parallels MDM makes it easy for administrators to plot out and apply geofences on the map for groups of devices. When devices enter or exit a geofence, the administrator will be notified.

Parallels MDM leverages resources that are already available in your business and saves you the cost of expensive geofencing solutions. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for a Parallels Mobile Device Management account today and track up to 5 devices for free!

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