Download Parallels SMB Cloud Insights™ Reports

Since 2011, every year, Parallels interviews SMBs of different sizes, industries and countries about their cloud service consumption, future plans and attitudes.

Report List

Note: Existing Parallels partners may directly download the SMB Cloud Insights™ reports by logging in to Parallels PartnerNet. Parallels PartnerNet registration is required.

Available reports include:

Regional and Global reports:

  • Global
  • Europe and North Africa
  • Asia-Pacific

Americas country reports:

  •  United States
  •  Brazil
  •  Mexico

Europe country reports:

  •  France
  •  Germany
  •  Netherlands
  •  Poland
  •  Russia
  •  Spain
  •  United Kingdom

Asia-Pacific country reports:

  •  Australia
  •  China
  •  India

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