The Parallels Product Expert (PPE) program includes customers from across the Parallels community who are passionate about our products. Our PPEs are recognized for their high level of technical expertise, their willingness to participate in interactive conversations with other members of the community, and their leadership in product knowledge.

Our PPEs are independent of Parallels, and they share their thoughts and opinions in Parallels Forums and on our community pages, such as Facebook and Twitter. PPEs offer valuable advice and come from a variety of backgrounds, including business owners, programmers, Parallels Partners, and individual product users. Their wide-ranging experiences help round out the conversations taking place every day in the fast-growing Parallels community.

Why become a Parallels Product Expert?

Want to become a Parallels Product Expert?

Potential candidates for the Parallels Product Expert program have a track record of providing valuable technical advice within the community and have demonstrated a long-term commitment to participating regularly in Parallels Technical Support Forums. If you would like to become a PPE, you may either apply directly yourself or be nominated by a fellow community member. You may also nominate others. Once the PPE team has received an application or nomination, candidates undergo a careful validation process in which a team of Parallels employees analyzes whether or not the candidate fulfills the criteria to become a PPE.