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Citrix Virtual Apps

citrix virtual apps

Citrix has recently rebranded all their products, including its application virtualization solution, Citrix XenApp to Citrix Virtual Apps. With no significant technical changes included in the latest version, Citrix has just focused on publishing their new product portfolio.

New Versioning Strategy

In addition to this product name change, Citrix has also modified their product versioning strategy. This new product identification method is similar to Microsoft’s versioning strategy: one number to identify the primary product version, and four numbers to indicate when the version was released. For instance, in the name Citrix Virtual Apps 7 1808, the “7” identifies the product main version and “1808” means it was released in August 2018.

Complex Licensing Mode

Besides the product rebranding, Citrix has also changed its licensing options. It still offers three different products for application publishing solutions—though all edition names or licensing plans have also changed, which makes it more difficult for businesses to find the product that best fits their needs. Below is an overview of the new licensing:

Even with the Premium edition of Citrix Virtual Apps, you still don’t get virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) features, so you cannot build a complete application and desktop virtualization solution like you can with Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS).

Parallels RAS: A Cost-Effective, All-in-One solution

Parallels RAS offers a straightforward, all-in-one virtualization solution. IT administrators don’t have to waste time analyzing different product editions or learn how to use the product. They can set up a virtualization environment within minutes.

We like Parallels Remote Application Server because it’s flexible and cost-effective. When compared against Citrix, we were able to save over 85 percent of costs for one of our customers. The support is also very good.” – Peter Spithoff and Victor Esselman, owners of Network Direct Services BV.

Due to HIPAA and eHPI security requirements, Parallels RAS has been a solution we can offer our clients that both meets HIPAA and our management expectations as an MSP.” – Streamline IT Solutions’ Sr. Network Engineer Tracy Acord.

There’s only one edition of Parallels RAS, which includes all the enterprise features, such as:

The Parallels RAS licensing model is simple; it’s based on the number of concurrent users connecting to your virtualization environment. So apart from cutting down on costs when compared to the license costs of Citrix Virtual Apps, companies using Parallels RAS also improve their productivity with an easy-to-scale solution that easily delivers applications, desktops, and data to anyone, anywhere.

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