Potential disruptions for MSPs in the wake of VMware’s acquisition by Broadcom

The foundations of a successful MSP business model are stability, predictability, and reliability.

This encompasses vendor partnerships and continuity in delivering managed services to customers.

As the bridge connecting organizations to solutions that deliver reliable technical services, the success of the MSP model hinges on the dependability and reliability of their chosen vendors and platforms.

In other words, building a profitable managed services portfolio depends on forging strong partnerships with vendors like Parallels RAS, who can provide long-term stability, support, and innovation.

These partnerships ensure the delivery of seamless services and contribute to the financial stability crucial for the MSP model to operate successfully.

Equally vital is the cultivation of trust with vendor partnerships — a trust rooted in their partner programs’ reliability.

The recent disruptions sparked by Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware have left some MSPs facing a significant hurdle. It’s been reported that their ability to transact as Cloud Services Providers under the VMware Partner Connect Program ends in April.

This shift requires MSPs delivering VMware solutions to sign up for a new Partner Program. This adds uncertainty and potential changes to their existing partner terms and agreements.

This shift could cause disruption of services for MSPs or, even worse, their customers opting to switch providers, resulting in the loss of long-term customers.

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Why stability is critical for MSPs

MSPs are entrusted with delivering seamless services to their customers.

They rely heavily on vendors to provide stable solutions across infrastructure, platforms, and software to ensure business continuity for everyone involved.

Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware introduces an element of unpredictability, emphasizing the need for MSPs to swiftly adapt and maintain the reliability their clients depend on.

The effect of the VMware acquisition on managed services

For MSPs, service disruptions (regardless of the cause) can be devastating.

This is true for their operations but, more importantly, for their customers who rely on uninterrupted access to critical applications and resources.

Changes to the business ecosystem may pose challenges, threatening the smooth delivery of services that MSPs build their reputations upon.

Maintaining recurring income streams

The business model of MSPs is intricately tied to a steady and recurring income stream, often generated through monthly billing and long-term contracts.

The turbulence caused by changes to vendor partnerships raises concerns about potential disruptions impacting financial stability.

Navigating the impact of change

Amidst this turbulence, MSPs must have a strategic mindset. Some key considerations include:

1. Swift adaptation

MSPs must swiftly adapt to the new changes in Partner Programs, ensuring a seamless transition for both their internal operations and customer services.

2. Customer communication

Clear and transparent communication with customers is essential. MSPs need to inform customers about potential changes in services and reassure them of their commitment to continued excellence.

3. Diversification

Exploring additional partnerships and service offerings can provide MSPs with a diversified portfolio, mitigating risks associated with a single vendor reliance.

Leveraging Parallels RAS: Navigating the transition with ease

As MSPs try to adapt to the shifts brought on by the Broadcom acquisition of VMware, a silver lining emerges – the seamless and comprehensive solution provided by Parallels RAS.

In times of uncertainty, Parallels RAS stands out as a stable option, offering MSPs a robust platform to deliver managed desktop and application services without interruption.

Unified solution, single license model

Parallels RAS simplifies the complex landscape for MSPs by providing a unified solution with a single license model.

This not only streamlines the licensing process but also ensures that MSPs clearly understand their operational costs, offering financial stability and control.

Flexible management across environments

One of the standout features of Parallels RAS is its ability to manage and administer customer environments across on-premises, cloud environments, and/or hybrid scenarios.

MSPs using Parallels RAS are empowered with the flexibility to provide services from their platform(s) of choice, adapting to the diverse needs of their customers without compromising efficiency or security.

Seamless integration

Parallels RAS excels in providing a user-friendly experience for both MSPs and their customers.     Its seamless integration capabilities enable MSPs to effortlessly incorporate Parallels RAS into their existing infrastructure, reducing the technical learning curve and minimizing disruptions to ongoing operations.

Enhanced flexibility with multi-cloud support

In an era where multi-cloud strategies are growing in popularity, Parallels RAS can be delivered across a mix of public cloud vendors like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

You can select the best cloud platform to deliver your solutions of choice and avoid vendor lock-ins.

Efficient administration and monitoring

Parallels simplifies management and administrative aspects for MSPs.

With centralized management and monitoring tools, MSPs have granular control over their clients’ environments, facilitating efficient administration, troubleshooting, and performance optimization.

Technical training and support included

The Parallels MSP Partner program provides free technical training and certifications to ensure your technical staff is equipped with the latest knowledge and expertise.

The free 24/7 technical support also alleviates the pressure on internal staff, providing a safety net for troubleshooting and problem resolution.

Providing future confidence

As MSPs navigate uncertainty, adopting Parallels RAS offers a unified, flexible, and comprehensive solution.

Parallels RAS equips MSPs with the tools and technical training they need to confidently approach the future, ensuring the continuity of services for their clients while maintaining the financial stability crucial to building an MSP business model.

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