Tech Bytes Intro: We’ll provide the Parallels RAS videos, you bring the popcorn

New YouTube playlist helps accelerate learning of Parallels RAS features.

Most techies prefer learning about product features and functionality via succinct, illustrative videos as compared with reading admin guides. To address this field request, we’ve created the Parallels RAS Tech Bytes playlist on YouTube.

While Parallels RAS is indeed simple to deploy and manage, watching a short video often jump starts the “Aha!” moment. For example, watching the new seven-minute video focused on Azure Virtual Desktop integration might save you an hour or two of reading time and create a deeper understanding about the how and why. In addition, you’ll learn that Parallels RAS uniquely integrates a native Azure Virtual Desktop front-end experience.

The plan is to build a robust Parallels RAS Tech Bytes video library by adding new content every month.

The popcorn bag is empty. What’s next?

If you’re not already a Parallels RAS shop, please consider taking a deeper dive into how Parallels RAS can simplify your virtual apps and desktops management. While Parallels RAS is easy to deploy and manage, it isn’t just for small businesses: Parallels RAS scales for environments with thousands of users.

Various options exist for experiencing Parallels RAS as an end user and administrator:

Learn more with the Parallels RAS Administrator’s Guide.

Contact us if you’d like to know more or have any questions.