VDS 8.1 Beta is Out

We have just released a new beta version of VirtualDesktopServer version 8.1 build 855.
The primary changes we’ve made in this minor version upgrade are listed below.

Server – Listing Policies

With this new feature administrators can control which version of 2X Client they want their users to deploy. If an administrator has remote users and would like to have them update the client to the latest version, now he can do this by using this feature. The administrator can control which build number can list published items for the Windows 2X Client, 2X Web Portal and 2X Java Client.


These settings only allow the latest version of the Windows 2X Client to list published applications.

Windows Client – Authentication Method

This option allows the client to verify the Terminal Server it is connecting to by checking the server certificate. This option reduces the possibility of man in the middle attack.

Windows Client – Direct SSL mode

We introduced a new connection mode whereby our client uses SSL connectivity to the 2X SecureProxyGateway and normal connection to the Terminal Server. This option is ideally used with the Authentication Method enabled. Both options together and a correctly configured Terminal Server will allow optimum utilization of the available resources and still keep a high level of security.

Windows Client – RDP 7 features

This version of the client benefits from all the new features provided by RDP 7:
• Improved multimedia redirection
• Real multi-monitor support
• Bi-Directional Audio

These are all supported given that the latest MS library is installed and registered. The installation is already present. The registration did not make it to the beta but you can simply run “regsvr32 C:Program Files2XClientmstscax.dll”. This means that 2X Client is already geared up for Remote FX technology.


Windows 7 Client – Improved Taskbar Integration

Application taskbar grouping as available for Windows 7 is now fully supported by the 2X Client as shown below:

Windows 7 Taskbar

Windows Client – Published Items available from the Tray Icon

Starting an application was never this easy. Simply click on the tray icon and select the application you want to start and voilà it’s up and running.


Windows Client – Client Side Logging

With client-side logging, users can track information from past connections, providing a useful tool if problems arise, and also allowing potential future problems to be identified. .

Linux Client – Single Sign On

If your Linux operating system is configured to authenticate using Microsoft Active Directory, you can now make use of Single Sign On for the Linux client. There is now no need to establish two sets of identical credentials, as the 2X Client can use system credentials automatically


 MAC Client – Sound Redirection

Finally MAC users can start listening to online radios, podcasts and make use of all applications that play sound. Bidirectional sound will follow in future releases.

Web Portal – Global Message for all companies in the web portal

In version 8.0, we introduced different logon screens from the same portal for those clients who provide applications to different companies. You can have different presentation screens for different companies. We also added the possibility of providing a message to the company users.

In 8.1 we added a global message that can be set for all users from all companies


Web Portal – Replication of settings for different portal installations

Companies requiring multiple instances of the Web Portal in their environment may need identical user group portal settings. In Version 8.1, settings can be replicated from one portal to another automatically.

Please note that in this beta, this feature – although it is functional – is still not fully completed….. Just wait a couple of weeks!

Java Client – Credentials passed to the applet

Do you need to integrate the 2X Java Client to an existing portal where your users have already provided their credentials, or do you need users to log on to the system with a predefined username and password? Now you can pass the Java Client credentials directly to the Java Applet.

Java Client – Minimum native part installation

Finally it’s here! Windows users who deploy applications via the 2X Java Client do not need a full client installation. Only the essential modules are used without being installed leaving the client operating system clean.


As in all new versions, we have improved existing features. Some improvements are listed below; for a complete list of changes please check our change log.