Case Study: CCL Design Chooses Parallels RAS to Publish ERPs for Manufacturing

The Customer: CCL Design

CCL DesignCCL Design Electronics (Learn more) is among the leading international companies in the development and manufacturing of design products, innovative labels, and industrial products with a long service life. CCL Design Electronics is a division of CCL Industries in Toronto, the global market leader for special and innovative products for decorating and labeling packages with globally around 20,000 employees and more than 150 sites.

The Challenge: A Lack of Flexibility with Microsoft RDS

At its design and manufacturing facility in East Kilbride (near Glasgow, Scotland), CCL Design Electronics had deployed a virtualization infrastructure using Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) as a standalone solution. The CCL Design Electronics IT team, however, struggled to provide flexible virtualization to the 500 concurrent users who needed to access shared applications. The company also had deployed VDI capability through VMware. Additionally, CCL Design Electronics required a cloud-ready virtualization solution that would readily work with Cloud Services.

To create a more flexible virtualization framework, CCL Design Electronics required a virtualization solution that would offer instant, reliable access to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software on remote devices connected to their hybrid cloud solution.

The Solution: Parallels RAS Centralizes IT, Simpli es Access to Manufacturing ERPs

Electronics, the business could provide secure, easy-to-use virtual application access to its employees working on Windows devices and mobile devices spread across the industrial space.

Parallels RAS is a secure solution that allows manufacturing companies to take advantage of cloud computing and virtualization to centralize and streamline IT infrastructure. With this secure virtual desktop and application delivery solution, CCL Design Electronics improved infrastructure security, reduced costs and provided employees with more flexibility and tools to boost productivity.

Key Benefits: Reduce IT Hours, Deploy BYOD Support with a Great Mobile Experience

By using Parallels RAS, CCL Design Electronics tapped the solution’s built-in server load balancing. Even better, building out the Parallels RAS high-availability solution only took the IT a few hours, allowing them to achieve significant savings on time and budget overhead. With Parallels RAS’ high-availability solution, the company has confidence that it can keep machinery and manufacturing productivity running smoothly.

The company has also been able to provide a carry-your-own-device (CYOD) policy at the workplace. Parallels RAS offers easy access to shared resources from many different devices — without requiring the IT team to touch the OS.

Finally, the company could achieve further savings by extending hardware life, using Parallels RAS virtualization instead of buying new expensive PCs for its employees.

“Parallels Remote Application server allows us to deploy our business applications at a global scale with minimal management required.”

–Mick McCann, IT Technical Manager

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