MSPs learned how to quickly scale their business with Parallels RAS at MSP Day 2023

This is how to boost your bottom line and keep your total cost of ownership (TCO) in control with Parallels RAS.

While it may be tempting to implement one-off software solutions for virtual apps and desktop deployments (especially for large customers), choosing one like Parallels RAS, that can be effectively scaled across your client roster, helps to maintain a healthy bottom line.  And that’s what we covered at MSP Day in Italy this June!

The Parallels team showcased our solution for MSPs that simplifies the management of virtual apps and desktops with a keen eye toward total cost of ownership (TCO); exploring how adding it to their MSP portfolio helps to scale services for growth and better meet customer demand.    In addition, MSPs discovered how they can implement flexible virtual apps and desktop solutions that support their on-premises, public/private cloud, hybrid, or multi-cloud infrastructure.

We also shared how Parallels RAS offers: 

Speaker session recap:

Silvio Di Benedetto, an MSP and Founder/CEO of Inside Technologies, and Lorenzo Frusca, Regional Sales Manager of Parallels discussed why Inside Technologies made the decision to partner with Parallels to support their MSP business goals. At the session, attendees. learned how Parallels RAS offers high-performance and simplified administration—at a competitive cost and with no complexity. All while supporting on-premises, hybrid, cloud, and multi-cloud installations.

Explore our Partner Program and see for yourself how it can enable you to address the needs of your customers and business objectives.

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