Tech-24 Harnesses Parallels RAS to Deliver Homegrown Application

The Customer: Tech-24

Tech-24 offers complete food-service equipment repair and maintenance services for full-service restaurants, quick-service restaurants (QSRs), convenience stores and retailers, coffee shops, and concessions operations. The company’s trained, licensed, and insured food-service equipment repair technicians serve fifty of the United States’ largest metropolitan markets.

The Challenge: Too expensive, difficult to configure Citrix virtual application infrastructure

Tech-24 needed a comprehensive virtualization solution to provide remote access to customized line-of-business (LOB) applications for its repair technicians. At first, Citrix XenApp was implemented by Tech24 to deliver its employees with remote access to homegrown applications they required when performing foodservice equipment repair. However, the company was not satisfied with the Citrix solution, which was too complicated and costly to maintain and update. Citrix also presented performance handling issues that cost the company time and lowered employee productivity.

To address the remote application performance issues, simplify its virtualization infrastructure, and lower IT costs, Tech-24 decided to go on the market to find a comprehensive, affordable virtualization solution to replace Citrix.

The Solution: Straightforward virtual application publishing lowers IT costs

After careful market research and evaluation, Tech-24 implemented Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS) to replace Citrix. The solution enabled the company to deliver remote LOB applications to any device, anywhere. Tech-24 used Parallels RAS to access virtual applications on Windows desktop PCs as well as Android and iOS mobile devices. Additionally, Parallels RAS allowed Tech-24 to support public cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

Parallels RAS provided a cost-effective, user-friendly solution to deploy and manage virtualization infrastructure that immediately and dramatically lowered IT costs. The Parallels RAS solution is highly cost-effective with a significantly lower licensing price compared to Citrix.

The Benefits: Simple, comprehensive application publishing installed seamlessly

Tech-24 achieved many important benefits after switching to Parallels RAS. With the new virtual application delivery solution, Tech-24 simplified time-consuming tasks, allowing the organization to save time and money. In addition, the company migrated end users to Parallels RAS in a few hours instead of months as Citrix had required.

By taking advantage of the simple deployment framework implementation and time-saving management wizards, Tech-24 provided seamless application publishing at a lower cost. Tech-24 was able to use Parallels RAS comprehensive virtualization to take down the total cost of ownership (TCO) of its virtualization environment.

“Parallels RAS is a great solution for publishing applications quickly and easily!” –Carlos Henao System Administrator, Tech-24


Parallels RAS empowered Tech-24 with seamless application publishing. With Parallels RAS, the company achieved a seamless, easy-to-use application publishing environment. The most significant advantage for the organization was straightforward, low-cost application publishing. In the end, Parallels RAS allowed Tech-24 to lower costs while providing a more reliable and faster application publishing solution to food-service repair technicians.

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