Remote Desktop ServiceWith a mix of virtual PCs and remote workers, desktop management is a challenge for IT administrators. The advent of mobile devices and BYOD (bring-your-own-device) environments adds to the complexity. Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and remote desktop service (RDS) tackle these challenges by effectively delivering remote desktops and virtual applications across all endpoints. VDI allows users to securely run their desktops on their own virtual machines, while RDS provides the flexibility to remotely access desktops and networks efficiently. According to Wikibon, 68-77% of organizations have deployed VDI, and a few more are strongly considering the implementation of VDI environments in the near future.

Remote Desktop Service Challenges

With the rise of RDP networks, employees tend to use their own devices to connect to remote networks. In a BYOD environment, security is the biggest concern, so businesses have to gain control over all endpoints before setting up a BYOD network. Moreover, IT guys have to manage a variety of endpoints effectively, to provide customized remote network solutions to users while delivering a consistent end-user experience. Businesses therefore need powerful remote desktop software that provides a comprehensive desktop management solution from a single dashboard. 2X Remote Application Server (2X RAS) aptly meets this requirement.

Remote Desktop Service with 2X RAS

2X RAS provides a powerful and flexible platform to manage all your endpoints effectively, while delivering applications to any device seamlessly – desktops, mobile devices, Chromebooks – from anywhere, at any time. Using virtualization technology, 2X RAS delivers corporate and Windows applications to any remote device, regardless of the OS or the platform. With 2X RAS, you can now deploy MS Office on a Chromebook or an iOS device, which was previously not possible. Remote connections are delivered over SSL for a higher level of security.

File sharing across all devices within the corporate network is made easy. The addition of HTML5 browsing has strengthened 2X RAS’s capabilities: now users can remotely access corporate networks from anywhere, at any time using an HTML5 browser. The new printer redirection feature allows you to print from any device to any printer within the network. While the complexity in managing a plethora of endpoints is reduced, business procedures are processed efficiently.

Installation of 2X RAS is a cakewalk: the setup and configuration wizard helps you get everything up and running in no more than five minutes. All components are already activated and no additional add-ons are required. 2X RAS allows you to work simultaneously on different hypervisors such as XenDesktop, Hyper-V and VMware, leveraging your existing resources to the fullest.

2X RAS is a comprehensive remote desktop solution that effectively handles all your RDS usage needs.  This intuitive remote desktop software provides a unified workspace to deliver remote desktops and applications while allowing you to manage all endpoints effectively.

So what are you waiting for? Download your 30 day full featured 2X RAS trial today!


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