While connected to a Windows PC remotely, Parallels RDP Client for Android emulates a complete PC keyboard. Perform any action on the remote PC from your Android as you normally would while sitting at your work station.

windows pc remotely

Bring up the emulated PC keyboard by pressing the keyboard icon to the top right corner of the interface. Press the button right of “Altgr” as illustrated above to bring up the additional keypads below:

  1. ABC – By default, the keyboard displays alphabetical characters, including the shift, space, delete and enter keys.
  2. &123 – Displays numbers, symbols, escape, insert etc. Press the “Shft” key to show additional symbols.
  3. Num – A full emulation of the keyboard numberpad. Toggle the ‘Num’ button to switch between numeric and action keys.
  4. Fn – All available function keys including screen lock, print screen and many more.

Note that CTRL, Alt, Win, Shift and Altgr keys are accessible on all screens.  In addition, change the input language from tabs – Abc and &123.

Alternatively you can also set default keyboard used to the stock Android layout from Settings > User Input > Keyboard Layout > Android.

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