HTML5 Remote Desktop RDP Access Browser With Parallels

HTML5 Remote DesktopHTML5 Remote Desktop: The Parallels HTML5 RDP Client is an add-on that can be used with Parallels Remote Application Server to enable connections from an HTML5-enabled browser. This provides users with the flexibility to connect directly to their remote desktops and applications from their browser wherever they are, whenever they want. The Parallels HTML5 Client has been developed using HTML5 technologies only; this makes it a very fast, stable, and 100% device-independent alternative to native clients.


HTML5 Remote Desktop Core Features

HTML5 Remote Desktop Client Demo

The Parallels HTML5 Client live demo provides users with zero-client browser access to Microsoft Windows desktops and applications. Connect through a browser from any HTML5-enabled device, such as a PC, Mac, Linux, laptop, smartphone, iPad, Chromebook, Android device, etc.

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This link takes you to the Parallels HTML5 Client welcome screen. This site, which demonstrates the capabilities of Parallels HTML5 Client, is located on a free public server.

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Transform any device into a full workstation with printing and scanning capability. Printing redirection autoconfigured for HTML5 Client, iOS, Linux, Chrome OS, Android, and Windows.

Whether from your business PC or a home PC, HTML5 browser-based remote networks enable you to quickly access applications and virtual desktops from anywhere, at any time. Connecting to your applications is simple: you only need an HTML5-compatible browser, and there is zero setup on the client-side. Being a pure web solution, you don’t need additional plugins like Flash, Java, or Silverlight. By creating flexible mobility solutions, businesses can leverage resources while taking advantage of the full potential of the Parallels Remote Application Server remote technology.

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