5 Reasons Why Companies Are Using Macs

5 Reasons Why Companies Are Using Mac

Mac devices have been gaining impetus in business for many years. This is, on one hand, due to the fact that employees tend to choose Mac when given the option under the CYOD (choose your own device) scheme, and on the other hand, because companies such as Axel Springer or IBM have opted for Mac rather than PCs. How many Mac devices are used in your company?

But why do companies opt for Mac? We’ve looked into the issue and have put together the five main reasons why more and more companies are starting to use Mac rather than PCs.

1. Support costs

At the start of 2015, IBM made headlines with the announcement that the company was planning to purchase 50,000 Mac devices by the end of 2015. Now, IBM CIO Jeff Smith is talking about potentially 150,000 to 200,000 Mac devices per year. One reason for this decision is lower costs, as each Mac will save IBM $270 in the long term, due to factors such as lower support costs. Fletcher Previn, Vice President Workspace as a Service at IBM, explains that higher expenses will pay off in the long term. For example, only five percent of Mac users will need to contact the help desk. The figure for PC users is 40 percent.

2. Using Windows on Mac

There are still many programs that are not developed for OS X or that do not have the same level of functionality. One such example is Microsoft Office for Windows, which offers more functionality than Microsoft Office for Mac. Other examples include Datev, Citavi, MS Access, MS Project, and many more. With Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition, these programs are seamlessly integrated on Mac under Windows. In addition to Windows, Linux distributions and OS X can also be used on Mac in different virtual machines.

3. Data security

Secure antivirus protection is essential today for Windows PCs. This is not the case with Mac. In contrast to Windows PCs, Mac devices come with built-in security measures. Many Mac users, therefore, manage without any security software. Nevertheless, companies should be doubly safe and should also provide antivirus protection for Mac. Apple also recommends that all OS X updates be installed to kept the Mac up to date.

4. Backups

Backups are often annoying, but they always need to be carried out, particularly in the business world. For Windows PCs, the limits of free backups are often capped. In the case of Mac, the built-in software, Time Machine, runs backups automatically and conveniently. If any data is deleted or hardware changed, everything can be easily restored.

5. Reliability

Apple is the only company to offer hardware and software tailored to one another. This is of great benefit in terms of performance. Of course, Mac devices can also crash; however, studies show them to be more reliable than the most stable Windows PC.

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