Our Favorite Tech Podcasts

It’s early 2016, and we’re still deep in the setting of resolutions and figuring out what we want to do to get ourselves on the right foot this year. May we humbly suggest subscribing to a few of the best tech podcasts?

Here are a few of our favorite podcasts that happily make our daily commutes much more educational, entertaining, and enjoyable! (If we missed any of your favorites, respond below so we can start listening to them ourselves.)

Daily Tech News Show

Looking for a podcast that will give you all of the headlines you’ve heard in tech that day, with some analysts who actually know what they’re talking about? The Daily Tech News Show is for you. Host Tom Merritt has been a name in tech on all the sites we’ve crawled for more than 10 years (and their outtakes are pretty darn funny).

This Week in Tech (on Twit.TV)

Another name we’ve been watching, listening to, and reading in tech is Leo Laporte. I personally globbed on when I was a teen and started watching Tech TV before it turned into 87 different stations of content I didn’t care as much about. Apart from This Week in Tech, make sure to check out all of the additional content on Twit.TV—there’s a lot of great podcasts and video casts with the people who have been in the industry for a long time. Expect dad humor and games references that’ll make you grin regularly.

Computer America

We’re not biased with Computer America even though we’ve participated in a few of the podcasts—we just love a show that talks all kinds of tech. It’s also the longest syndicated show across the US, and encourages fans to call in and join in the discussion.

TED Radio Hour

Not necessarily technology-focused, though it does often go that direction, the TED Radio Hour podcast is not only informative, but uplifting. Imagine that rad feeling of inspiration you get while holding your couch down and marathoning TED Talks on Netflix from home, only listening to it while you’re out and about and actually inspired to take action. It’s pretty freaking awesome.

The Vergecast

This is one you might want to wear headphones with while listening (alcohol is often involved with amusing results, so your straight-laced colleagues at work might not be as amused). The guys from The Verge entertain with news and trends featured during the week.

Are there any must-listen-to podcasts that we missed? Comment with links below so we can add them to our RSS feed!


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