Embracing My Inner Cross-Platform Champion

The story of how I became an Apple power user is probably similar to that of many people my age—I bought my pristine white MacBook when I went off to college in 2008. I remember the purchase for many reasons: It cost more than my first (or second) car, I got the student deal that includes a free iPod (after rebate) with your new laptop, and I was pretty darn excited.

Having been the frustrated owner of a Windows PC that I’d had to share with my whole family until that point, I was thrilled to enter the world of Mac on my own. Much to my chagrin, however, it wasn’t all perfect. Much as I liked the switch to Mac for my more creative endeavors, I still needed some of Windows’ best programs—for example, all of Office.

Fast-forward to today. Now that I’m older and wiser, I embrace the best of both worlds when it comes to Mac vs. Windows. With Parallels Desktop, I get the user interface I love from Mac, but I can still use Windows programs I rely on:

Have #MicrosoftOutlook on your dock? With #ParallelsDesktop10 you can see unread emails just like you can on Mac apps!

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My favorite part about using Parallels Desktop is that I wield all of the power—I’m in control, no matter which OS I’m using.

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Manage and control your virtual machine as easily as you would your Mac. Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac automatically applies capabilities that place the same parental controls you have set on your Mac on your Windows Application. Any restrictions set on your Mac 0S will also be enforced on your virtual machine. #VirtualMachine #Mac #ParentalControls #ParallelsDesktop #Windows

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At the end of the day, I’m glad I didn’t pick a side in the battle between Mac and Windows.

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Instead I’ve embraced my inner cross-platform champion—and everything’s coming up Milhouse.

What about you? What’s your favorite part about wielding both Mac and Windows? Share your story in the comments, below!


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