Parallels Mac Management and Microsoft SCCM Release Cadence

Parallels Mac Management and Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) Release Cadence

By Yury Averkiev, Program Manager, Parallels, Inc.

In Q3’15 Microsoft announced the release of a faster update and upgrade cadence for System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). The more frequent release cadence is meant to align SCCM’s core PC management functionality with the accelerated release cadence of Windows 10.

Since Brad Anderson’s blog post announced the new SCCM release cadence last August, Parallels Mac Management users have been regularly asking Parallels sales and support teams very similar questions: “What about the Parallels Mac Management release cadence? Is it going to change? And what will happen when I upgrade SCCM to version 1511 or 1601? Will my current installation of Parallels Mac Management be compatible with the latest release of SCCM?”

Mac Management SCCM

The Parallels Mac Management development team is committed to providing support for the latest and greatest SCCM releases. We try to ensure that each Parallels Mac Management release is of the highest quality possible. But once in a blue moon, we need to release a hotfix that fixes those pesky bugs. However, there has never been a bug that was related to a compatibility problem between a Parallels Mac Management build and a new SCCM release. In the unlikely case there is a compatibility issue between Parallels Mac Management and an SCCM update, we are committed to providing a fix to the issue within 30 days of an SCCM update general availability release date.

So go ahead and install that latest SCCM release—just make sure that you have tested everything in your lab first!

Mac Management SCCM - PMM Automated Testing Output

Mac Management SCCM – PMM Automated Testing Output

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