Mac Computers in Your Organization: How to Find the Right Management Tool

Once IT and executives have decided it‘s time to subject the corporate Mac computers to adequate device administration, the issue is to find a suitable solution for just that.

Admins looking for a tool to handle Mac computers in their organization need to consider a number of priorities. On the one hand, there are certain capabilities required of a device management solution. These include defining rights, user group specific configuration profiles, recovery capabilities, and data loss prevention, just to name a few. This implies compiling a specification sheet listing the essential features and policy-defining capabilities needed to be in line with the PC infrastructure.

Highly Flexible on an Economic Budget

On the other hand, IT has limits in terms of investment budgets and man power. This point should not be underestimated when evaluating potential solutions. In-depth training for IT staffers and the help desk—as well as additional personnel requirements for administration and support—can quickly drive up IT costs higher than previously expected. This can raise the price tag for supporting Mac computers in the enterprise higher than planned for, in spite of their alleged low support costs. As a rule, Mac devices work reliably in everyday life and need comparatively little maintenance. The initial setup of a Mac computer‘s policies can mean a fair amount of effort upfront, however. How can you avoid all this from the start?

The simplest solution? Use your existing PC management tool for Mac as well! In practice, this amounts to enhancing Microsoft SCCM with comprehensive Mac handling with the help of  Parallels® Mac Management for Microsoft® SCCM, minimizing license costs, training, and day-to-day man hours. This relieves IT from implementing an additional tool; they can complement their existing, proven resources with the needed extra functionality. Enterprises gain a consistent management platform for all systems that their employees are familiar with.

Read this paper to learn how much you can economize by using Parallels Mac Management.