Parallels Mac Management Version 7 – Feature Focus: non-OSD Task Sequences

Non-OSD Task Sequences

Support for task sequences was added to Parallels® Mac Management for Microsoft® SCCM years ago, and they were used as part of the Mac onboarding/re-imaging process. But task sequences are also useful out of scope of the Operating System Deployment (OSD) workflow.

Starting with version 7 of Parallels Mac Management, you can use task sequences to perform multiple actions on a managed Mac® in a specific order. We call them non-OSD task sequences.

non-OSD Task Sequence

Figure 1: non-OSD Task Sequence Editor in Parallels Mac Management

There is no specific UI or workflow for non-OSD task sequences. Instead, a task sequence is automatically considered a non-OSD task sequence if it doesn’t contain any of the following steps:

You can use any of the following steps:

That said, the workflow for non-OSD task sequences should be familiar to you:

  1. Create a task sequence for Mac.
  2. Deploy this task sequence to a collection of Mac computers.
    • Required task sequences will be executed silently at a specified schedule.
    • Available task sequences will be displayed in the Parallels Application Portal, allowing Mac users to initiate the task sequence execution at their convenience.
Parallels Application Portal

Figure 2_Parallels Application Portal

3. Keep your eye on the deployment status of the task sequence to better understand what is going on with your managed Mac computers.


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