Parallels Mac Management v5 with Apple DEP support is now available

How do you make the most advanced Mac management plug-in for Microsoft SCCM better? We’ve done it by making an Apple Mac management technology available to SCCM administrators! Parallels Mac Management v5 with Apple DEP support is now available!

The Parallels team is happy to announce the availability of Parallels Mac Management v5 for Microsoft SCCM.

Parallels Mac Management v5

Version 5 includes the following new features:

Enroll and Manage Mac computers via Apple Device Enrollment Program

DEP provides a fast, streamlined way to deploy institutionally owned iPad and iPhone devices and Mac computers that are purchased directly from Apple or participating Apple Authorized Resellers or carriers.

DEP simplifies initial setup by automating mobile device management (MDM) enrollment and supervision of devices during setup, and enabling you to configure the devices without touching them.

And now, with Parallels Mac Management v5, admins can onboard a Mac via DEP while simultaneously installing the Parallels Mac Client and enrolling it into SCCM.

Establishing a DEP connection to Parallels Mac Management installation

First, you must establish a connection between the Parallels Mac Management installation and your organization’s DEP account. This process involves a request to obtain a Certificate Signing Request from Parallels My Account, acquiring a DEP token from Apple, and uploading the token to a Parallels Mac Management deployment.

Parallels Mac Management v5

Creating and deploying enrollment profiles

A DEP enrollment profile contains instructions used by the Mac computers’ Setup Assistant. You can create Mac enrollment profiles and assign them to Mac computers in Parallels Mac Management. Shortly after establishing an internet connection, the Mac will “call home” to Apple. During this exchange, the Mac uploads its serial number. For DEP-enabled devices, Apple’s DEP service can respond with an enrollment profile if the serial number was assigned to an enrollment profile.

Parallels Mac Management v5

Onboarding Mac computers with DEP and enrolling into SCCM

Parallels Mac Management offers a smooth, convenient, zero-touch enrollment experience for DEP-enabled Mac computers. What’s more, once DEP onboard process is complete, the Mac will have the Parallels Client installed and enrolled into SCCM. From that point on, SCCM can take over the management of the Mac.

Parallels Mac Management v5

Parallels Mac Management