How to Enroll Clients Automatically Using Parallels Network Discovery | Managing Mac Computers with SCCM

Parallels Network Discovery helps IT administrators both discover new Mac® computers in their organization and install the needed Parallels client software automatically. The application can scan for Mac devices within and outside the domain at the same time. This is an important distinction from the SCCM Active Directory System Discovery feature, which will only find systems belonging to any given domain.

The principle is simple: Every new Mac on the network will be added to SCCM by Parallels Network Discovery. The Parallels Configuration Manager Proxy connects to the newly discovered Mac using the Secure Shell (SSH) protocol and installs the Parallels® Mac Management for Microsoft® SCCM Client program. After that, this Mac is enrolled in the Mac Configuration Manager.

How to set up Network Discovery properly

Before Parallels Network Discovery can search for Mac computers, it needs to be configured by the IT team. The appropriate options can be found in the SCCM console under “Administration / Overview / Parallels Mac Management / Discovery Methods”.

The summary on the right side will contain one or more entries named “Parallels Network Discovery” depending on whether the SCCM infrastructure includes one or more sites—in other words, how many Parallels Configuration Manager proxies are being used altogether. The settings must be adjusted for each proxy separately.

Right-click on any “Parallels Network Discovery” object and then click “Properties” to reveal all possible options. A dialog window will open. Among the general defaults, these basic settings can be found:

Admins can find all the other details and preconditions for performing Network Discovery in the Parallels Mac Management Administrator’s Guide (PDF).

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