How to Prepare for Installing Parallels Mac Management

Parallels® Mac Management for Microsoft® SCCM is a plug-in, so deploying it is not much of a challenge for IT admins. Microsoft SCCM 2012 R2 and Mac® devices running macOS® versions 10.8 to 10.14 are the two requirements for organizations wishing to administer Mac using Parallels Mac Management. Parallels supplies helpful documentation, as well as a tool for making all the preparations and checks needed prior to installation. The Administrator`s Guide gives admins an overview of all the details relevant for such a deployment and is a comprehensive manual describing the individual modules of Parallels Mac Management and their requirements. Admins will also find a host of details on subjects ranging from configuring rights to an at-length description of client configuration.

For something shorter, refer to the Deployment Guide. This helps administrators prepare the preconditions needed for different configurations in a step-by-step procedure. Is Parallels Mac Management to be rolled out at a single site, or does the SCCM architecture span multiple locations housing several servers and proxies? The Deployment Guide helps with either scenario. It also shows what is needed for each component of Parallels Mac Management. This includes:

Use the Prerequisites Checker

Prior to installing all the needed components, the Parallels Prerequisites Checker helps verify whether the SCCM environment is ready for installing Parallels Mac Management. The checker works like a software wizard. After its launch, components need to be selected for checking: Parallels Configuration Manager Proxy, Parallels MDM Server, Parallels Netboot Server, or Parallels macOS Software Update Point. Before the actual tests can start, details such as server addresses or account information need to be entered. The following checks will run without user intervention. The Prerequisites Checker makes preparing and verifying the preconditions needed for Parallels Mac Management a piece of cake.

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