How the Reykjavik City Council Got Its IT to Toe the Line

Halldór-Ingi H. Guðmundsson lives in Reykjavik, Iceland, and when he isn’t off fishing or cycling he looks after the town hall’s IT in his home town. Iceland’s capital and the island’s largest town, Reykjavik has an extensive infrastructure and offers numerous critical services for its citizens. If anything is out of order here, there are no new ID cards for citizens, the city counsel is paralyzed, and the town’s labor exchanges cannot help anymore. More than 10,000 Windows clients operate under Guðmundsson’s command—and so do some “wild” Mac computers. Around 200 of them, to be exact.

Until 2015, those were the ones that caused more than their share of effort. The city council faced the same challenges for quite a while that many enterprises have to deal with: specific processes and added effort were needed for comparatively few clients. Although Reykjavik boasts an IT department with a headcount of 50 and has Microsoft SCCM in place, Mac computers were excluded from the device management and therefore caused disproportionately high support costs and constituted a potential risk for the city-council network. In short: the council’s hardware was in need for improved administration.

“At times the cost caused by our relatively small Mac fleet made me all but panic. Thanks to Parallels Mac Management, this nightmare is over. Now if I don’t sleep well the reasons are other ones.” Halldór-Ingi H. Guðmundsson

IT was reluctant to implement specific processes and workflows just to administer the additional Mac devices. Guðmundsson and his IT colleagues already used Microsoft SCCM, so the path leading to a managed multi-platform infrastructure was quite short: Parallels® Mac Management for Microsoft® SCCM. This enabled Guðmundsson and his colleagues to incorporate the 200 Mac computers into the device management system, as well and make the Mac island accessible for IT.

Read the complete case study to learn how Guðmundsson managed to transfer all the Reykjavik city council’s clients—including Mac—consistently into the existing hardware management system.

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