Things You Might Not Know about Parallels Mac Management


Parallels® Mac Management for Microsoft® SCCM provides administrators with a plethora of tools that fully integrate Apple® systems into an organization’s SCCM environment. Here are some examples you might want to learn about as a Mac-management novice.

Software Metering and Reporting for Mac

With Parallels Mac Management, Mac® computers will also become transparent for IT admins. Which software products are users actually using? Parallels Mac Management makes sure that organizations can calculate their licensing requirements more accurately. Admins can generate the exact same reports for corporate Mac computers as they do for corporate Windows clients. This prevents software metering from leaving blank patches. Rather, licensing requirements of all departments and clients are visible and measurable at one glance.

Use a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) with SCCM and Parallels Mac Management

Parallels Mac Management can be used along with a public key infrastructure (PKI). This integration allows for the use of certificates for improved user identification and secure access to SCCM.

You can prepare PKI integration prior to installing Parallels Mac Management, or take care of it any time later. PKI allows for integrating certificates of trusted vendors into SCCM, ensuring that there are securely authenticated und encrypted connections between Mac computers and SCCM.

Distributing Configuration Profiles

Configuration profiles determine preconfigured properties, access rights, policies, and user privileges for Mac—just as with Windows, group policies define rules for clients. Parallels Mac Management enables admins to manage all details relevant for the organization. This is where admins define Exchange access rights, user configurations, and much more. In Parallels Mac Management, the Profile Editor serves this purpose.

Understand and Configure NetBoot

In Windows-based environments, admins may not have encountered NetBoot before. This will become an issue when embarking on Mac management. NetBoot is an Apple-specific technology that basically does what the name indicates: It enables Mac computers to boot over the network. If you plan to distribute macOS® images across the network, you need to activate and configure NetBoot. The Parallels NetBoot Server module needs to be installed on a server performing the role of a “Distribution Point,” and Windows Deployment Service needs to be running.

Learn More about Parallels Mac Management

Would you like to learn more about how to implement convenient Mac management in your organization? Learn more about Parallels Mac Management features, book a live demo, or download the Deployment Guide.