Unavoidable Windows Software, Avoidable PCs

Andrew Morten has always been a fervent Mac® aficionado, and he imbued his own business, TravelEssence, with this propensity for Mac computers. The company is also a result of personal interests: custom tours (away from the usual tourist traps) specializing in Australia and New Zealand. TravelEssence relies on Mac as part of its company philosophy. The tour operator’s staff (around 60) uses Mac exclusively for their work—15 Mac mini® and 50 MacBook® computers.

TravelEssence uses many applications that come with macOS® to handle day-to-day chores and correspondence: Pages, Photos, and more. This helps save license expenses and minimizes the IT teams’ internal workload. But the travel agency faced a challenge. Two essential travel-handling tools are only available on Windows: the airline reservation system, Galileo, and the travel planning tool, Tourwriter.

Whenever a company resolves to use only Mac but finds that essential software is only available for Windows, IT must come up with a solution—preferably a user-friendly one. The agency’s Mac computers needed to provide Windows as a secondary system in order to make flight reservations. The Apple® solution, Boot Camp®, requires the user to reboot the computer to change operating systems, making it a less-than-ideal solution for switching between macOS and Windows.

TravelEssence needed to use the Windows-based tour-operator tools alongside native Mac applications—so Andrew Morten saw Parallels Desktop® for Mac Business Editions as the perfect solution. After a trial period, it was clear: Parallels Desktop enables employees to switch seamlessly between macOS and Windows applications. There’s no reboot needed, and users can even copy and paste between the two worlds. And with Coherence Mode, Windows remains in the background, leaving the running programs in the user’s focus.

Read more about how TravelEssence managed to use Windows and macOS side by side by using Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition.

Learn more about all the features in Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition and download a free trial!

Learn more about all the features in Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition and download a free trial!