Wrangling Your Macintosh Herd

We’ve all seen the reports and studies revealing how Macs are increasing in business.  In fact, several actually show at least half of all enterprise IT departments now formally support Macintosh, and one recent Parallels and Windows IT Pro survey puts the number at over 70 percent.

However, the reality is that although most companies have centralized management in place for their PCs, the Macs are being left unmanaged, thus presenting potential vulnerabilities for their network.

We recently participated in a Windows IT Pro webinar, “Wrangling Your Macintosh Herd”, along with Macintosh expert Mel Beckman on the importance of managing Macs, offering solutions for managing Macs in Windows-centric environments.

If you have not had time to watch the archived webinar or simply need to review information you might have missed, now you can quickly reference the information presented in this session by downloading the Executive Summary, below.

Windows IT Pro Executive Summary with Parallels

Download the Executive Summary here!

For more information on Parallels Mac Management, contact our Business Account Team at usentsales@parallels.com.


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