Big news at Parallels! Parallels Awingu is now Parallels Secure Workspace!

Your favorite secure, unified workspace tool has a new name! Parallels Awingu is now Parallels Secure Workspace.

Introducing Parallels Secure Workspace

Previously known as Parallels Awingu, the shift to Parallels Secure Workspace signifies our solution’s integral role in the greater Parallels family of products.

While the name is changing, the product itself isn’t—and you can expect the same features, functionality, and performance you know and love.

Already have Parallels Awingu? No action is required for existing users. New installations and updates will now carry the new name and branding. New users can purchase or download a free trial now!

Secure remote access anywhere, any time

Security breaches have become commonplace, and it’s a lot for even the most skilled and experienced IT admins and managers to handle.

In a recent cybersecurity report, 41% of IT professionals reported security breaches in the past year alone. That’s alarming—and emphasizes the pressing market need for secure and user-friendly access wherever, whenever, and however your employees work. Parallels Secure Workspace is part of the solution.

What is Parallels Secure Workspace?

Parallels Secure Workspace originated as Awingu in Belgium in 2011. It quickly became known as an innovative product pioneering a “clientless” approach, operating entirely with the HTML5 web browser of the user’s choice, making it a secure alternative to traditional VPNs.

It offers seamless access to virtual apps, desktops, files, SaaS applications, and cloud storage across all devices. IT admins and end users alike enjoy its intuitiveness and rapid deployment capabilities.

In 2022, Alludo acquired Awingu, and the technology has perfectly aligned with and enhanced our efforts to bridge security and convenience.

Updates to the Parallels Partner Program

Are you already a Parallels partner, or thinking of becoming one?

Then you can learn more about Parallels Secure Workspace and access valuable training opportunities through the partner portal with our new Parallels Secure Workspace certification courses.

These courses are free of charge and offer partners an easy and fast way to enhance their skills and knowledge in order to better deliver exceptional solutions and services to their customers.

Check out Parallels Secure Workspace for yourself

If you have yet to experience Parallels Secure Workspace under its previous name of Parallels Awingu, then now is the time to try it.

Parallels Secure Workspace caters to mid-sized enterprises and large corporations, supporting Zero Trust security initiatives, secure BYOD programs, remote work setups, and controlled contractor access.

Want to learn more? Visit the Parallels Secure Workspace website for information on how to try Parallels Secure Workspace and explore the boundless, secure, and convenient future of work.