Parallels RAS recognized in Winter 2023 G2 Grid Reports and Implementation Indexes for Application Server

We’re pleased to announce the recognition of Parallels® RAS in the G2 Winter 2023 Implementation Index and Grid Reports.

Parallels RAS achieved recognition in the following categories:

Previously, Parallels RAS won recognition as a Leader and for Fastest Implementation in the Fall 2022 G2 Grid Reports and Indexes for Application Server. The Parallels team is once again delighted to see our solutions featured in the industry-leading G2 product grids and indexes.

Parallels RAS recognized for fastest implementation

Parallels RAS earned recognition for fastest implementation in the overall segments in the G2 Implementation Index for Application Server.

The following is required for a category to be data ready for an Implementation Index report:

Parallels RAS recognized as a Leader, High Performer, and Easiest (to Do) Business With in the Application Server Grid Reports

Parallels RAS was recognized as a Leader in the Winter 2023 Grid Report for Application Server, High Performer in the Enterprise Grid Report for Application Server, and Easiest Doing Business With in the Small-Business Relationship Index for Application Server.

For a category to be data ready for a Grid Report, it requires the following:

Parallels RAS earned badges in the following categories:

These awards empower buyers with valuable insight into what solutions on the market are most likely to meet their unique needs.

Parallels recognized for multiple reasons

Parallels RAS received recognition in this year’s G2 Grids and Reports based on several high-value characteristics.

On the G2 website, reviewer Zayral Z. describes Parallels RAS as being able to “Simultaneously work in different places, perfect for saving time and consulting pre-configured applications.”

Another reviewer, Albert O., says that the best part about Parallels RAS is that the “application runs very smoothly and without any problems. It works fast and is easily adapted to the Mac system, which means it opens within several seconds.”

For inclusion in these reports, a product must have a series of positive reviews on the G2 website. As of this writing, Parallels RAS has 67 reviews and a ranking of 4.2 out of five stars.

G2 Grids, Indexes, and Report methodologies

The G2 Grids measure customer satisfaction and market presence with ratings generated from user-supplied product reviews and market presence data. This data is used to plot the featured products on a quadrant with four sections: Leaders, High Performers, Contenders, and Niche.

To create its grids, G2 applies a unique algorithm to the data to generate a numerical score for customer satisfaction and market presence on a scale of 0 to 100.

According to the G2 Research Scoring Methodologies page, “Each input is normalized by category and segment. This means that scores are relative to other products in the category/segment and may change from segment to segment.”

The methodology for Implementation Indexes is similar, with criteria that include the amount of time (in months) required for each product to go live, user adoption percentage, implementation method, and the overall number of reviews received on G2.

The team at Parallels is thrilled that customers recognize the high value it strives to deliver to everyone who uses these solutions.

Also, G2 recognized Parallels® Desktop for Mac for Fastest Implementation in the Remote Desktop category.

Learn more about Parallels RAS

The latest version of Parallels RAS is here! Parallels RAS 19.1 adds Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a cloud provider, an MSIX app attach integration that can deliver workloads to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) as well as Remote Desktop Session Hosts (RDSHs), Let’s Encrypt Certificate Management, and Parallels Client for Windows on ARM64, among its latest additional features. This includes new time-saving tools and features designed to make administrators’ lives easier.

For more information on this version, check out the What’s New in Parallels RAS 19.1 blog post.

Discover the many benefits of Parallels RAS for your organization.