EUC insights 2023: A survey of over 300 IT professionals

In 2022, Parallels® (a sub-brand of parent company Alludo™) partnered with Qualtrics to perform a survey of a broad range of IT professionals who were using virtual apps and desktops solutions. The goal was to learn more about the top issues that VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) users are facing, their key pain points, and what plans IT professionals and their company leaders have for investing in VDI solutions in 2023 and beyond.

With virtual computing now a permanent fixture, it’s not surprising that the VDI market was worth an estimated $15 billion in 2021 and growing, with a 20% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) projected for 2022 to 2028.

Who did we talk to?

This survey targeted individuals who work in information technology or leadership roles related to IT and technology fields, including those who may already be using Parallels RAS. A total of 317 industry professionals responded to the survey, including IT managers, IT directors, and IT administrators, as well as C-Suite leaders such as CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, along with others in similar or related roles.

Of the 317 professionals surveyed, 40 were existing Parallels customers, the rest were external respondents. The survey identified if respondents were part of, or employed by, managed service providers (MSPs) and independent software vendors (ISVs), or other types of organizations.

What kind of questions did we ask?

The survey included 20 questions, organized into five areas. The result is a 39-page report filled with valuable insights.

Here are some examples of the questions asked.

What is the current status of your virtualization/VDI solution?

What type of devices are connected to your virtualization/VDI solution?

What are the most common issues you experience with your virtualization/VDI solution?

Where are your company applications and data hosted?

What were the key findings?

The key findings from the survey include:

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