Where Are the Best Gadgets? On Pinterest!

It’s 2015 and somehow we’re still waiting for widespread hoverboards and affordable smarthomes to permeate the gadget market. What gives?

Luckily, at Parallels, we’ve created a Gadgets & Gizmos board on Pinterest to satiate our lust for gadgets while we wait. In other words, we’ve done the work for you when it comes to curating the latest and greatest in tech!

Being a Seattle-based company, we’ve pinned some awesome gadgets that everyday Seattleites would be dying to have…

The Air Umbrella

The Air Umbrella

Image courtesy of Yanko Design.

It’s known to get a little wet and rainy here in Washington, and it’s also known that no real Washingtonian uses an umbrella. For those who struggle between blending in as a local and the urge to not get soaking wet, behold: the Air Umbrella. It keeps you dry by blowing air out from the top in a circular motion, spraying rain drops away from you. Bonus: It lets you be inconspicuous about owning an umbrella.

Self Stirring Mug by Firebox

Firebox Self Stirring Mug

Image courtesy of Firebox.

More coffee runs through our bloodstream than, well, blood—a well-known fact in Seattle. We even put in our own Starbucks Roastery & Tasting Room (It’s basically Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory for coffee-obsessed aficionados). But for those who like to make their own coffee in the morning, these mugs are just for you—you don’t have to worry about waiting for your coffee to cool down or take the extra time to mix it. Instead, just press the button and your mug mixes the coffee itself! Perfect for busy mornings.



Image courtesy of SkyMall.

For those who enjoy the more “granola” way of life, the bike scene in Seattle is top-notch. It’s an alternative to the hustle and bustle of cars and buses, and good for our planet at the same time. Plus, I’d vote biking gets you places a lot faster. If you’re looking for a more unique way to get around, check out the Orbit Wheel (a hybrid of roller blades and a bike). Sleek and efficient!

Whatever the need (and clearly, we mean that), any cool gadget makes our must-have list. Whether you love them for their practical use or because your superhero is Inspector Gadget, Parallels has the latest and greatest on our Gadgets & Gizmos board:

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