One of the Fastest Growing Groups in Technology: Women

Following technology is somewhat of a national pastime for us these days, and this number might come at a bit of a surprise to some who don’t follow hiring practices too closely—but did you know that women are being hired by the top eight tech firms in the world at a rate 238% faster than men?

Looking at women in tech who are stepping into C-suite positions, and the growing number of start-ups that are founded by women, it’s a new atmosphere than even five years ago.

To learn more about the current tech landscape for women, check out the following infographic from Coupofy. Comment below with your thoughts!

The 238% Faster Growth of Women in Tech than Men

The 238% Faster Growth of Women in the Tech Industry than Men #infographic
You can also find more infographics at Visualistan

What do you think about the growth of women in tech? Share your thoughts in a comment, below.


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