Unzip RAR Files on Mac

What are RAR files?

A RAR (Roshal Archive Compressed) file is a data container with compressed files and folders inside it. The RAR file is very similar to the folders you have on your computer, where you can store files and other folders to have a better-organized desktop.

However, unlike the folders you have on your computer—which you can open and access files any time you wish, the RAR files need special software to open and extract their content to make them accessible. They help store software data for swift transfer by compressing the files to make them smaller. It also allows you to download such files faster.

Apart from saving download time, RAR files are also protected with a password or encryption so that the author may control who uses them.

You will also need find RAR files when you are getting a list of documents or photos from a friend or use at the workplace. Instead of downloading every single image or attaching them to a long stream of emails, you can combine them in one RAR file and share them as one file.

Are RAR files dangerous?

RAR files are not inherently harmful. Having or opening RAR files on your devices is safe. However, they can be harmful when they contain malicious code in their contents. Hackers are known to use RAR files to transfer malware onto other systems. The content is hidden among other files, making it easy to share the file with others.

But you don't need to be concerned about this situation. Before you decide to open a RAR file, ensure your antivirus is active and scan the file automatically and detect any virus or trojans.

To ensure your RAR file is safe, you can check the file extension to see if they match your expectations. If the file you wanted from the RAR file is a video and ends with a .exe extension, that's a red flag, and the files could be dangerous.

Another essential thing to do is always be sure about the source of your RAR files. Don't open attachments from unknown senders or untrustworthy websites. If you get an email attachment with a RAR file from someone you know, confirm with them if the file is legitimate.

How to unzip a RAR file

To start using your RAR file, like getting a folder or a digital file, you need to open it using an unzipping software available. You can achieve this easily by using the Parallels Toolbox for Mac. It is an all-in-one solution that features over 30 tools that you can use on both devices.

Parallels Toolbox for Mac has a feature called Archive. It effectively compresses all your files with just one click and unarchives all the archived RAR files when needed.

To start using the program, you need to download Parallels Toolbox or upgrade to the latest version and you will find all the features you need.

After installation, use this video here to see how you can unarchive your RAR files on Mac devices. You can also use it for free in the seven-day trial period or buy it to start using the amazing tools that make your work easier.

What does it mean to extract a RAR file?

Extracting a RAR file means unzipping its contents to use them. You can use the digital files compressed in the RAR file after extracting its contents into your computer. The use Parallels Toolbox for Mac above helps extract the contents of the archived files to start exploring the options you have.

After opening the compressed file, you can extract the data inside and use it just like you would with any digital file on your computer.