2X Training and Certification provides the foundation necessary to effectively deploy and administer 2X Remote Application Server and its components for Windows Server 2008 R2 environments.  2X customers will often prefer to work with those partners who have the 2Xpert certification and a 2Xpert listed on the 2X website.

Specific functionality discussed includes the 2X Web Access Portal, application and desktop delivery, universal printing and scanning, resource-based load balancing and deployment of gateways and publishing agents. The course provides attendees with valuable cloud computing experience, covering the configuration of all relevant components of 2X Remote Application Server deployment. Upon completion of the course, candidates will take the 2Xpert Certification test.

2X will be running Central European 2Xpert Training in May and June, along with workshops and Advanced level training at our centre in Rheinfelden.

  • 2X Workshop 13.04.2012
  • 2X Advanced Technical Training 23.04.2012 – 27.04.2012
  • 2X Workshop 26.05.2012
  • 2Xpert Certification Training 29.05.2012 – 30.05.2012
  • 2X Advanced Technical Training  04.06.2012 – 08.06.2012
  • 2Xpert Certification Training 07.06.2012 – 08.06.2012
  • 2X Workshop 29.06.2012

To sign up for the training courses please click here.

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