2X ApplicationServer implementation allows for flawless remote application access for dealerships across Germany.

DALLAS, TX, March 30, 2010 – 2X Software today announced Mazda Motors Deutschland GmbH’s deployment of the 2X ApplicationServer across their extensive German dealership network. The company sought a solution to allow users at its 900 dealerships centralized access to the company’s datacenter-hosted applications. With no previous virtual computing solution in place, Jürgen Zander, Mazda Motor Europe GmbH’s chief IT support for its Motors Deutschland GmbH dealer network, began considering application virtualization alternatives, and Bechtle IT Systemhaus Aachen, a European IT solution reseller, began working with Zander to find an appropriate solution. The first solution considered was initially attractive, but was ultimately too complex and expensive to fully implement, and the company began searching for a new alternative. Finding the 2X ApplicationServer, the company tested the product in the fall of 2008. As Zander was satisfied with the product’s performance after only a few weeks, the company made the decision to proceed with full implementation, with the first dealer installations occurring in December 2008.By August of 2009, the company had decided to gradually phase in installation 40 2X ApplicationServer Small Business Edition licenses to 40 dealerships across Germany, each hosted on a single terminal server.

Zander and Preiß cited the two main benefits accruing to Mazda from its 2X ApplicationServer deployment as the affordability of its implementation versus competing solutions, and the degree to which its use was supported by the product’s reliability and the dedication of the 2X staff. The greatest benefit from Mazda’s dependence upon 2X for its virtual computing needs was the affordability of the 2X ApplicationServer not only compared to its original stand-alone desktop configuration, with the licensing and administration savings offered by 2X products, but also compared to all other alternatives the company considered. Preiß commented that, “Compared to previous solutions, this product has far more features and is a significantly more cost-effective choice. The 2X price/performance ratio was extremely compelling, with low per-user licensing costs resulting from the 2X per-server licensing model.” In addition to dramatic cost savings, the company was attracted to both the product’s reliability and the comprehensive support company staff received after purchasing the product,” as Preiß notes that Mazda’s decision in favour of the 2X ApplicationServer was validated by “clear and continuous communication with 2X staff, as well as the dependability of the 2X support staff.”  Mazda’s lower virtual computing costs and increased reliability give the company more flexibility in expanding its capacity in the future, with Preiß commenting that he’s expecting Mazda to complete another 80 2X ApplicationServer installations by the end of the year.

About the 2X ApplicationServer for Windows Terminal Services

The 2X ApplicationServer tunnels any Windows application or desktop onto remote computers, including Mac and Linux desktops, without the need to install the application or desktop onto each user’s machine. This provides significant savings on administration and support. Key features include:

  • Application publishing, rather than local installation
  • Tunneling specific applications rather than a complete desktop
  • Publish applications to Web interface
  • Publish Windows applications to Linux and Mac
  • Multiple monitor support
  • Automatic redundancy
  • Application publishing based on username, group membership or IP
  • Seamless integration with local desktop and taskbar
  • SSL-secured connection to applications
  • Universal Printing
  • Application license management
  • Integration with 2X LoadBalancer
  • Windows 2008 Server 32 / 64-bit support

The 2X ApplicationServer Version 8 has been recently released, combining virtual computing technology and thin client management within a single application. New features include TWAIN re-direction, improved direct client settings management and the zero-management thin client feature.

Obtaining the Trial Version

2X is offering a 30-day trial version of 2X ApplicationServer for Windows Terminal Services. After the 30-day trial period, users can still use the 3-connection free version by registering for the 3-connection license key on the 2X website. Download the trial version today.

About 2X Software

2X Software Ltd develops enterprise server-based virtual computing software, enabling desktop virtualization and application streaming on personal computers and thin client devices. Its product line, which includes the award-winning 2X VirtualDesktopServer and 2X ApplicationServer, is easily scalable, installable, and manageable with straightforward licensing, resulting in product prices far below those of competitors. For more information, please visit: http://www.2x.com.

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