We are pleased to announce that a new version of 2X DroidDesktop has been released and uploaded to Google Play! The 2X MDM Team has been paying special attention to user feedback on both the 2X DroidDesktop Forums and Google Play and further applied the following improvements:

New Features

  • Simplified user Interface
  • Integrated with 2X MDM
  • Added new auto Wi-Fi activation option
  • Drastically improved layout theme which is displayed according to Android OS version
  • Additional display and theme updates, including minor text improvements
  • Added Manage Apps Option
  • Improved Settings dialog alignment
  • Increased target API to 15
  • Added alert when non-rooted devices attempt to access Remote Control


  • Fixed rare issue, whereby the front facing camera was also being displayed on the device.
  • Fixed bug whereby non-rooted devices attempting remote control were not receiving an error
  • Fixed interface theme for 'center on current position' which was not previously visible on dark background
  • Fixed incorrectly displayed prompt on a select few devices when Wifi policy is set to never
  • Fixed issue whereby 2X DroidDesktop launches automatically when the Wi-Fi option was activated on a select few devices
  • Fixed issue on Android 4.4, that SMS could only be marked as read or deleted only by system default app
  • Fixed bug with Firefox when loading the streaming in remote control
  • Fixed bug when saving a SMS draft, whereby if the web services were failing the web interface would remain unresponsive

Download 2X Droid Desktop

Download the updated version of 2X Droid Desktop from Google Play

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