We pleased to announce the release of the latest version of 2X MDM (6.4.5) which has significantly enhanced iOS support. Administrators can now disable an iPhone's camera, as well as prevent users from accessing the Safari browser and iTunes. We're now using Microsoft's Bing Maps, which are more intuitive and have added some great security features for Android. Users can now encrypt attached SD cards to a specific smartphone or tablet. By doing this, you can ensure any sensitive data stored on your SD card will remain safe, even if someone removes it before you've had a chance to remote wipe your device!

New Features, Fixes and Improvements

iOS Features

  • Ability to disable access to the Apple App Store
  • Can now disable the camera
  • Can prevent users from taking a screen capture
  • Disable access to the Safari browser
  • Prevent access to iTunes
  • Automatically sync while roaming
  • Force iTunes to veryify each purchase with a password
  • Now allows untrusted certificates

Android Features

  • Encrypt any attached storage cards
  • Ability to disable the camera
  • Disable the call history

Server Features

  • Changed Maps from Google maps to Bing
  • iOS Push certificate expiry warning and ability to renew
  • An email is being sent when a new 2X MDM Portal Administrator is created
  • Ability to enable/disable alerts sent by the system
  • Added support for auto iOS devices approval via user when configured via config file
  • System apps no longer trigger the app control violation email for Android devices
  • Immediately show user assigned to device when a new device is approved
  • Corrected some ISO country codes which were not being resolved correctly
  • Fixed the issues occurring when uploading an APK which has no version code set
  • Automatically updated push token for Android devices when changed by Google
  • Fixed the non installation of the iOS settings profile immediately for new devices
  • Solved issues when sending Push to Android devices
  • Fixed the Apple certificate renewal process

Android Client

  • Added support for Disable Camera
  • Added support for Encrypt SD Card
  • Added support for Disabling Call History

iOS Client ( V6.3.39)

  • Added support for configuring client via a config file
  • Increased check in background mode to 2 minutes

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