The new 2X OS 7.1 offers improved performance, connectivity and hardware support across the board

Dallas, TX, June 4, 2012 – 2X Software, a global leader in Cloud Computing, today announced the release of 2X OS v7.1 featuring a light, straightforward, efficient and visually pleasing Linux operating system offering a variety of connectivity clients including 2X RDP, Citrix ICA, VMware View, VNC and Linux NX and HTML.

The new 2X OS v7.1 offers both simple and advanced desktop implementation depending on the user experience requirements and hardware capacities. The Simple Desktop Manager for compact installations between 1 GB and 1.5 GB enables a full operating system to run on older hardware or even from a USB stick!  This implementation has very little memory usage and is also suitable for very low specification thin clients.

The Advanced Desktop Manager features local applications such as a media player, text editor, task manager, calculator and file manager to reduce the need for bandwidth and at the same time improve the multimedia experience.

The 2X Advanced Desktop Manager is typically used  with  thin client and tablet devices that offer higher hardware performance or with Pc’s that are converted to thin clients. The all new Version 7.1 boasts improved performance and is packaged with a number of new exciting features that will run as background processes in the 2X OS like   the Session Messenger, a notification utility which informs users of any newly launched processes, the refreshed Connection Manager and the updated v11.64 Opera Web Browser which offers great stability and performance.

Within the coming  months, 2X OS v7.1 will be fully integrated with 2X Software’s  Client Manager  for 2X Remote Application Server. This combines the best in Application Delivery, Virtual Desktop Management (VDI) and Client Management from an all-in-one platform. The 2X ClientManager will replace the existing 2X ThinClientServer product and allow  customers with a valid 2X Upgrade Insurance to seamlessly  upgrade to 2X Remote Application Server Plus which than includes the 2X ClientManager.

Download the new 2X OS v7.1 here.

About 2X Software

2X Software is a global leader in desktop and application delivery, remote access and cloud computing solutions. Thousands of enterprises worldwide trust in the reliability and scalability of 2X products. 2X offers a range of solutions to make every company’s leap to cloud computing simple and affordable, backed by the engineering excellence and expertise of the 2X development team.

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