Dallas, TX, May 19, 2014 – 2X Software, a global leader in virtual desktop and application delivery solutions, announced today that it has revamped its already successful 2Xpert loyalty program. 2Xpert & More! Loyalty Rewards Program was launched back in August 2013 to acknowledge the expertise of our 2Xperts  and reward them with a wide variety of the latest electronics, fine jewelry, home and outdoor gear, and great travel opportunities.

 “After almost one year we felt the necessity to revamp the program, with more than 600 certified 2Xperts across the globe, we wanted to do more to reward them. The 2Xperts are at the core of our business; working with our software day in and day out, they provide critical product feedback and help us drive our business forward. Now that we have simplified the process further, you can, for example, take your family on holiday to Miami if you just write four knowledge-based articles on 2X solutions. For all certified 2Xperts, we have created a world of perks and privileges.”

Giorgio Bonuccelli

Marketing Director

2X Software

About 2Xpert & More! Loyalty Rewards Program:

2Xpert & More! is the loyalty rewards program that is offered to all certified 2Xperts. It is designed to reward 2Xperts for their assistance in sales activities. Although the program runs year round, the rewards will be calculated and distributed each month.

Below, please find the full list of claims you can gain points for:

  1.    Lead Referrals. Points formula: $XX * 5% = X * 50 = Total. Example: $100 (Sale Amount) * 5% = 5 * 50 = 250 Points.
  2.    Renewal of 2X Upgrade Insurance. Points formula: $XX * 5% = X * 50 = Total. Example: $100 (Sale Amount) * 5% = 5 * 50 = 250 Points.
  3.    Referral of a Potential 2Xpert: 250 Points
  4.    Whitepaper Articles: 2500 Points
  5.    Validated Bugs: 5000 Points
  6.    Filling in our Evaluation Form: 50 Points
  7.    Participating in the Beta Testing Program by giving feedback on our Beta Versions: 200 Points 
  8.    Providing us with a picture of yourself together with the loyalty program gift: 25 Points 
  9.    Loyalty account activation: 50 Points

To log in to your 2Xpert & More! account, please click here  and enter your credentials. If you are not yet registered in our loyalty program, please click here and enter your certificate ID. Now is the best time to enroll in the 2Xpert & More! Loyalty Rewards Program – this month you will be granted 50 FREE points as a thank you for joining this program.

About 2X Software

2X Software is a global leader in virtual desktop and application delivery, remote access, and cloud-computing solutions. Thousands of enterprises worldwide trust in the reliability and scalability of 2X products. 2X offers a range of solutions to make every company’s shift to cloud computing simple and affordable. For additional information about 2Xpert and More! please visit the following link on our website http://www.2x.com/2xpert/ or contact our 2Xpert & More! Team by email at 2xpertandmore@2x.com or by phone at (+356) 2258 3819.

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