2X Remote Application Server works  with a concurrent 2X user based licensing model. This article outlines how a user contributes to a license key being counted.

How Licenses are Counted:  2X User Based Licensing

The below is true when a connection is established for 2X Connections:

  1. When a user connects to a 2X ClientSecure Gateway, the username information is paired to his MAC Address. This pair will contribute towards 1 license key being consumed when a published resource is invoked.
  2. The license is retained until the published resource is closed.
  3. The same user connecting from a different device with a different MAC Address will consume a second license.
  4. Users logged on different 2X farms require a separate license per 2X farm.

For RDP connections via MSTSC, the following is true:

  1. A license is consumed if connecting to the Gateway port via MSTSC (default port 80)
  2. A license is consumed if connecting to the RDP port configured in the gateway.

A license is not consumed if a client RDPs directly into the back-end RDS server. For MSTSC connections that are counted, the license is dropped immediately after disconnect/logoff.

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