Have you ever tried to access the Web Access Portal and had to wait for a few seconds until the first page loaded? Did you notice that this happens the first time you access the portal or after no one had accessed the portal for some time? Why does this happen and how can this delay be eliminated?

The reason why this happens is that Windows/IIS swaps the application information from memory to hard disk when it has not been used for a while to keep the memory free for other processes. Although this is a good thing for standard applications like a word processor it is irritating for the unlucky user who accesses the portal and has to wait for a few extra seconds until it loads.

Since we want the portal to always be available all we need to do is to stop the service we are running from going into sleep mode. This can be achieved by triggering a call to the web portal every few minutes.

Obviously we need to do this automatically. Simply install ‘2X Web Portal booster’ service by downloading the following file; ‘http://www.2x.com/downloads/vds/2XHttpRequestor.zip’,
unzip the contents to a folder on the machine where the web portal is installed and run the following command line ‘2XHttpRequestor.exe –i’.

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