A deeper look into the 2X Remote Desktop app for Google Chrome

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Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is not a new term to the IT industry. Right from the inception of the Microsoft Windows GUI environment, IT people have been creating various remote networks using remote desktop tools. However, the increasing use of cloud computing solutions on IT networks has given rise to powerful application delivery tools based on RDP. The 2X RDP / Remote Desktop Client for Chrome is one of the most popular virtualization tools that offers seamless application delivery to create scalable mobility solutions for your business.

What is the 2X RDP Client for Chrome

RDP is a short form of Remote Desktop Protocol developed by Microsoft. This protocol enables you to share a desktop over the network and remotely access it. Whether you want to offer help desk support, install a new program or access an important file, remote desktop applications offer a convenient way to remotely connect to any desktop within the network. The 2X RDP / Remote Desktop Client for Chrome is a powerful virtual desktop tool from 2X Software that combines the potential of the cloud, with the innovation in virtualization techniques, to offer amazing RDP features for end-users. Microsoft’s RDP tool allows you to access another computer to store and retrieve data, whereas the 2X RDP / Remote Desktop Client for Chrome  augments this feature by offering real-time access to any computer, therefore allowing you to natively work on the system. You can remotely edit and modify content on a terminal server or create seamless application delivery on a VDI.

Here are some of the features offered by the 2X RDP / Remote Desktop Client for Chrome:

  • Security

In a corporate system, network security is highly prioritized. When you use remote network features, system administrators need to modify network configurations to give access to a remote system. This is where hackers can gain access to the network. Instead, the 2X RDP / Remote Desktop Client for Chrome works in a different way. It does not alter any network settings. The system is accessed through a web browser. You assign a pin to each system. By entering the corresponding pin number you can access each system in the network. While you get the flexibility to access any system in the corporate setup, network security is not compromised.

  • Cross-platform compatibility

The 2X RDP / Remote Desktop Client for Chrome  is specifically designed for Chrome. It allows you to access systems running on any operating system such as Windows, Mac OS X, Linux or Chrome OS. This cross-platform support enables businesses to use the same resources for different application development tasks, and thereby optimize resources to reduce infrastructure expenses.

  • Create seamless Connections

Another important facility offered by this remote desktop tool is unlimited connections. Moreover, these unlimited connections run concurrently in a VDI to facilitate multi-tasking in business processes, saving you time and money.

  • Self Contained RDP tool

Loaded with numerous remote desktop features, the 2X RDP / Remote Desktop Client for Chrome offers a rich user experience. Users can easily download the software and make a full installation. 2X Software takes pride in offering the first RDP client for Chrome that is self contained and fully installable. The good thing about this tool is that you can work with it even when the internet connection is lost.

The 2X RDP / Remote Desktop Client for Chrome from 2X Software supports Google Chrome version 24 and onwards. Be it on the corporate level or user level, this innovative tool enables you to create remote access to any resource in the network, securely and efficiently. Create highly scalable mobility solutions 2X RDP / Remote Desktop Client for Chrome and access your windows desktop from anywhere.

Download the 2X RDP Client for Chrome today to enjoy these amazing benefits!

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