GPS Tracking (Global Positioning System) has been around since 1973 and it works via a network of satellites in orbit that determines the location and time of a device. Nowadays, it isn't a niche technology - most, if not all of us, have mobile phones and tablets with integrated GPS tracking systems. In fact, since 2005 the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has required mobile phones to have GPS tracking capabilities for emergency purposes.

But why use GPS Tracking? There are many reasons - GPS tracking is used to find and recover a lost mobile, for example. Whether in business or personal use, losing a mobile phone is a pain, costs money to replace and could potentially expose sensitive information such as your clients confidential contact data. GPS Tracking can show you exactly where your device is so you can go and recover it. Mobile Device Management solutions, such as 2X MDM, also offers the added protection of being able to remotely lock or remotely wipe a mobile device, making sure your data is always safe.

Delivery companies are also making use of GPS tracking in order to know where all its delivery trucks are. Managers can easily see that all employees are where they should be, refine procedures and even improve customer service as they can let customers know the location of an employee that is due to deliver to their house.

In the family, parents can track children with GPS tracking as lots of children have mobile phones and rarely put them down! 2X MDM can pinpoint the location of your children so you don't have to worry where they are, or so you can find them easily in case of emergency.

Lots of families and businesses are waking up to the many benefits that GPS tracking offers. You can also make use of GPS tracking by signing up for your free 2X MDM account.

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