As Android devices have become prominent in business, communicating and managing your employees via these devices has gotten easier. Did you know that Android Management can assist your business? Would you want to know where one of your employees is? No problem. Google Maps can find your employee and even track the routes he/she has taken. Want to message all your employees Android devices without the associated text charges? No problem. Android Management is here and has taken a hold of how business communicate and manage their Android devices.

Making Android Smartphones and Tablets Smarter

Android Management allows you to monitor, support and secure your Android devices. Working over-the-air, Android management includes the distribution of applications, data and configuration and other settings to Android smartphones and tablets. In effect, Android management has made your Android devices smarter.

Device Tracking

Android tracking is growing rapidly as you can track all your devices using Google Maps. If the majority of your business is done when visiting customers for sales and servicing, you will need to know where all your employees are at all times. By having this information, it's easier to allocate new call outs or truck-rolls.

Device tracking has played a massive role in finding lost or stolen Android smartphones and tablets. You see, at the end of the day, it's not just the hardware cost that businesses worry about. All the sensitive corporate data, which in most cases involves customer details, is lost too.

Easy Business Communication Applications

If you've handed out Android devices to your employees, you may have a strict policy on what apps they are allowed to download. Many businesses use 2X MDM to automatically deploy apps to all their Android phones as it's an easy and quick process. Before Android management services came around, companies took absolutely ages to install apps on all their Android devices. With 2X MDM, installing apps on Android devices takes seconds, as opposed to days!

Messaging your Employees

A lot of companies develop a routine of sending positive messages to your employees once a week or after fifteen days to give them confidence and to boost spirits. This constant communication with employees can only take place with the help of a system that has a dedicated messaging platform built into it. Some companies have hundreds of employees using their Android smartphones and tablets out and about. You may want to get an urgent message out to all your sales guys. With 2X MDM you can send SMS style messages to groups or individual staff members.

Sign up and get a free 2X MDM account today. You can add up to 25 devices. So what are you waiting for?

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