As most people have mobile phones these days that are equipped with GPS tracking technology, it's very easy to pinpoint where a mobile device is at any time. Many businesses are turning to this technology for employee tracking - after all, there is always room to improve and increase the efficiency of a company's operations.

By knowing where an employee is at any time opens up many benefits. Shipping companies with lorries on the road can see how close they are to their destination. Also, imagine, for example, that you have employees out in the field who visit customers. If you get a call from a priority customer, you can quickly see which of your employees are closest to the customer and re-route them. It's much quicker than getting each driver to report in where they are, and it keeps your customers happy. Not only will they get the service they need promptly, but you can give them specific answers as to where your employee is and how much time they'll likely need to get there.

Another great benefit of employee tracking is the ability to track the routes they are taking. Companies are saving money by streamlining the routes employees are taking and by addressing issues where employees are spending too long at any particular place. It saves on fuel costs and makes the most of employee time.

Employee tracking is easy with 2X MDM. Not only can you see where your employees are, you can even click anywhere on the map within the dashboard and send the location to a mobile device as a message. When they open the message, they see on their Google Maps App exactly where they need to go. Sign up for your free 2X MDM account today to take advantage of employee tracking.

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