Some people ask, "Why do I need a Mobile Device Management system?" Simply put, the answer is, "because it keeps track of all your applications and you can manage Android devices far easier."

If your company has handed out hundreds of Android mobile phones to its employees, how do you go about checking which devices haven’t been abused? How do you install, upgrade, delete or change apps for each and every device? By using 2X MDM, you can easily manage Android devices by carrying out all mobile device operations to individual or groups of devices company wide.

Using an online mobile device manager is the easiest way to keep track all of your apps too. You can manage Android devices anytime you want, no matter where you are in the world by simple logging in to the 2X MDM dashboard.

You can easily manage Android security, alerts, and message your employees via the online dashboard. If you want to check up on your employee’s movements, Android tracking allows you to view the routes taken and their locations on the Google Maps section within the dashboard.

A few companies have turned to other alternatives. They have hired programming teams in a bid to emulate mobile device management. Unfortunately for them, this process is time consuming and astronomically expensive. Using a mobile device management system takes the nightmare out of managing Android devices. It's all there in one place and usually you only need one person to manage Android devices.

Have you signed up for a free 2X MDM account? By doing so, you can manage Android smartphones and tablets extremely easily and efficiently.

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